Monday, May 21, 2012

A Yoga and Hot Tea Morning

I feel lovely today. I feel renewed and refreshed. Well-nourished in my spirit. The past two days have been so wonderful, full of running around with friends, experiencing the first great change in my life - graduation - and spending time with my dear family. So today I slept in. I woke around 10:30, clothed myself, washed my face, and took a hot shower at my own leisure. When I felt well-cleansed and awake, I got out and made some hot raspberry tea with a touch of honey, and then practiced yoga on the floor of my bedroom for about 30 minutes.

It was a lovely start to my day, reader. I hope yours is going just as well.

Upon finishing my yoga, I decided to take my tea outside where I sat in the grass under the shade of our maple tree and read some poetry from a book a dear friend of mine lent me. I felt the wind blow gently across my bare neck and back and sipped the last of my tea as I read,

"A clear, attentive mind
Has no meaning but that
Which sees is truly seen."

A beautiful verse! I sat and thought for a minute, pondering these words. I did come to a conclusion. A sort of insight. But I will refrain from discussing my thoughts here so that you, reader, may take those words to heart and find your own meaning in them. I think they're beautiful and more worth original understanding than a synopsis here.

Today must hold something good in store. The sunshine seems ordinary enough, the sky seems consistent enough, but life itself is never subject to a particular pattern or set of rules aside from what we carelessly place upon it for ourselves and thereby limit the possible opportunities that might present themselves. Yet if we are open to each day being the opportunity for a new and beautiful experience, I think we receive that.

Enough autobiography for today. I don't usually write about the events of my life - more my thoughts. But I felt like sharing it. I hope you have a wonderful day, reader. I hope it's new and exciting!

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