Sunday, February 17, 2013

I am not poison in this sanctuary infested with soul thieves
I glare past their smiles of religious charity
The well cannot be infected with unbelieving flesh
It is not I who contaminates your holy water

God watches me through his prison bars above the pulpit
I say not a word, and he smiles crooked
Halfway though hymn's freedom and grace notes
All shatters and burns, and One soul ascends home

Lying with brick and blood and no brother
I do not blame Him

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I saw a meadowlark sipping on a bottle of ale
He staggered as he flew off to mate
I doubt his efforts were to any avail
Though he punctuated his flight
With proper swoops and dips
Of his rainbow wings
I've never seen a meadowlark in my life

You advance me
In years, god,
And I have never
Felt so young as I am
And you embrace me as such
While we conspire
To tempt each other's lust

Loneliness encounters loneliness
Dull silence ceases
But what can loneliness spawn
If not an ache for variant reliefs
Company and company
But loneliness does not know these
So it must hide again eventually
In the dull silence
Consuming agony

February 6

I have feverish doubts
That your sincerity is applied only
To our sexuality
I ruffle and paint my feathers
But my skin is still virgin 
To your touch
I become the goddess of words
To sooth your appetite
And I drown blissfully
In all your talk of beauty
Stand full
Until you leave me empty
Lusting only for your body
I dread the imminent despair
When I learn I've been dreaming