Monday, May 21, 2012

Are You There?

Do you hear the rhythm dropping through the clouds? I can see their sound waves and barrier of colors. They beat, pulse, like the blood in my veins. Like the blood in a worm. We plummet together through the leaves of time, falling in perfect octagons, rough on the edge, but warm inside. I can hear the drop, the thump of stars echoing their lives through space. In the navy blue darkness, I found a secret. Behind closed doors I see magnetized elements. From the depths of the earth, meaning ground, meaning dirt and fluctuation of insect numbers, crawl the organisms that keep our elevation stable. Boxes cook blue lanterns. Lightning bolts shine purple and white, their alma mater is the sun. Where would you like to go? Travel to the edge of a water fall and test the ability of each molecule to hold your weight as it stagnates for you before it dives into a depth-less abyss of ice bergs. I enjoy playing the strum of a hummingbird's wing. I want to share my life with you. Read my body, it's there. Movement expresses as much as a word, and both fail to express the soul, though a movement may almost breach that divide. When did we separate? When did the first atoms divide and create two beings? When did the DNA proclaim its power? Cells of inanimate objects scour with jealousy at the cells of living beings. But there is no difference in their grandeur, I swear by it. Regression in love frightens me. But I fly above the wire. Above the grass, barely, skimming the chlorophyll greens. Suppressing Window's jump leads only to the heartache of its spring, its capability. Open. I fall too fast to ever be caught by those who adhere to the laws of time. It is not unfortunate. I hear the rhythm dropping through the clouds. I see their sound waves and barrier of colors. They beat, pulse, like the blood in my veins.

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