Sunday, June 3, 2012

Let's Talk Logistics For a Minute


Alright, blog readers. Here's the deal. I'm back on for good. I hope to be posting every day to every two or three days, only longer if I'm on vacation or have an unexpected crisis.

I appreciate all of your views, as my numbers have been going up steadily and quickly since I began this blog sometime last month. It feels good to know that people enjoy reading my work...or that they at least get redirected here by Google...or even if it's one person reviewing the page a million times. Shout out though to my readers in Russia and Qatar! Had some in Germany as well and in the United Kingdom! I'm excited that the blog is beginning to attract some international viewers. Even, as I said a moment ago, if it's only by accident ;)


I really am just a hippie at heart who loves people and likes to think. When I began writing, I was mostly pouring out whatever thoughts I had, including original poetry. But I've noticed that most of my writing focuses on two subjects -- the stars/universe, and matters of religion and faith. (There is also the occasional call to arms piece when I feel like we need to question something that's currently not being questioned.)

I've decided to hone in on these two topics as a blog focus, as well as incorporate a third- politics. I know hippies usually avoid politics and carry signs promoting love, not government. But like I said, I am a hippie at heart. I can't quite be confined to one persona or stereotype. I have recently become nearly obsessed with politics. The obsession stemmed from a desire to know what's going on in the country and to be able to speak knowledgeably about current issues and events. I found myself recently pouring over our the White House website ( and reading the downloadable documents on foreign policy...and I found it interesting. Now, rest assured I shan't be quoting foreign policy to you here on my blog. Rather, what I would like to do is to write engaging pieces on current government affairs. We'll see how it goes. I may find that I prefer reading about politics to writing about it. Feedback would be very helpful as well, and you can leave comments at the bottom of any blog post.

Thanks again to all my readers!


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