Sunday, June 3, 2012

False Piety

My experience in church this morning was interesting. I'm not sure whether to think it comical, disheartening, or frustrating. A bit of all three perhaps. But I won't scrutinize, nor bother with the details. I observed something in Bible Study - an atmosphere, an unspoken awkwardness - that I've always known but never thoroughly analyzed until today. It's the lingering pressure in the room for members of the class to exhibit their piety and righteousness, accompanied by a studious nature and a ready answer from the Holy Word of God. Why is it pressure? Why is it uncomfortable? If we're discussing matters of faith and everyone there is a good devout Christian, then shouldn't we be sitting up straight with our Bibles laid open and our eyes fixed on the teacher?

I think there's a reason we don't. I think there's a very good reason. I think it's right in front of us and no one is questioning it.

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