Sunday, June 24, 2012

Coffee and New Acquaintances

I was sitting outside of Starbucks tonight at one of the patio tables they have set up along some railing and landscape bushes. The night air felt warm, and I was more comfortable in the solitude of the night than in the colder and more crowded atmosphere inside. I'd come to write, but after purchasing my coffee and getting settled into my seat, I only felt like thinking.

As I sat hunched in my chair, one hand lightly gripped around my cup, the other propping my head up on the arm rest, I looked at the half-full moon reflecting the sun's light and reflected upon my own life. Who have I become? Who will I become? What difference am I making, or am I making a difference at all? When can I hit the open road and travel the world?

As I sat there, likely looking sad and dejected, though really just perplexed, two young men walked past me at the back and settled at a table not far from me. They each had a cigarette hanging loosely from their lips and would now and then take it away to blow a thick puff of smoke from their lungs. I was intrigued with their presence, as they had not gone inside for coffee or cakes, but rather sat talking. I could easily and without intention hear a good bit of their conversation, which I eventually perceived to consist of numerous recreational activities. After five or ten minutes I looked over and made some eye contact, removed myself from the lonely chair I was in, and cheerfully introduced myself. In no time, I'd pulled up a chair and we were all talking and sharing stories, laughing and getting to know one another.

I love meeting new people, and even more, I love to hear their stories. I love to hear about others' lives and where they've been and what they go through; what they enjoy and what they dream about doing. Between the millions and billions of people on this earth, each person has a unique story, and I want to hear them all! I want to explore everything and learn everything! I hope more than anything to travel the country, visiting each state and major city, and eventually to travel the world, touring countries like Switzerland, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Israel, China...and as I go, as I meet new people and collect stories and experiences, I want to write about them. That's my dream.

I spent about twenty minutes with my two new acquaintances, after which we swapped numbers and social media info. I was glad for the new company, and glad to feel connected with some people who were not average guys. I didn't get a lot of journal writing done, but I did get some inspiration for my future travels. I can't imagine the kind of people I'll meet as I travel even further outside of my home. I say, Let the journey begin!

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