Friday, May 11, 2012

Thoughts From The Lawn Mower

Religious leaders, political representatives, school teachers . . . This is how it starts- Here's my philosophy and what I believe and what I think is right and wrong and how we should all be living life because I have the truth. That's how it starts. It's followed up with, "But don't take my word. Research these things for yourself."

I'm calling bull on that one.

No one wants you to think for yourself! What the hell people! Why can we not form our own minds, Why can we not break away from our "foundational beliefs" without being condemned to hell by everyone?

I defy you all. I defy my very life and what it is. I defy my own beliefs with the hope of finding truth. But hell, what is truth? The people I grew up with would stop me there, whip out a Bible, and say, "Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. How dare you speak so." But I challenge you with this age old statement: Perception is reality. Conviction drives the soul, and the soul must be driven. So we, as humans, seek a conviction to live by, thus often creating faith, and we name it Truth. Your truth is different from my truth. 

And why can't this be so!

What do we know of life? Who are we to define creation and life? No. I cannot. Nor can any other being.
No one wants you to think for yourself. We only want our beliefs to be perpetuated throughout society to make our lives more comfortable and self-gratifying. Oh look, my morals are so high, let me implement them into society. To hell with truth. Perception is reality.

I then ask, what is perception? If I perceive life to be a complex series of dreams and inauthentic layers of brain activity, am I wrong? If another perceives life to be a conscious state of awareness, are they wrong? But how do you define consciousness if each person's perception of what it means to be conscious varies from another? It's when we define things that we lose meaning.

I digress again.

Do not come to me with your system of beliefs, your philosophies, your morals, and explain them to me with your bias permeating each word that drips from your tongue and then tell me not to take your word. No. Because each one of us, consciously or subconsciously, feels that we have the truth and we feel obligated to our fellow humans to "save" them from the falsehood of other paths in life, to "save" them from doing wrong. It seems to be hardwired into us all to impress our beliefs on those around us. I only wish we would not pretend otherwise. Tell me plainly that you wish me to consider your ideas. I will ask you plainly to consider mine.

What are my ideas? My morals? My beliefs?

Still figuring that out.

So far, love is what holds us together. I want love. I want to be loved. I want to give my love to other people. I want to consummate love. I want to create life from love. I want to make someone smile because of my love. But you, reader . . . I am your fellow species. And I am not only of love. I have the capacity to hate and deceive. We are all faulted. But we are all so beautiful in our faults. Because we are all humans, and we are unified in our shared characteristics and desires. 

I want to think. I could spend a lifetime thinking. Please don't oppress me.

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