Monday, May 7, 2012

Theories of a High School Graduate

I've been thinking - we, as humans, created the concepts of life and death. What we experience here on Earth - work, emotions, pleasure, etc. - we have termed "life". We do not know any existence prior to our maternal birth, nor do we know anything of our existence (or lack thereof) once our bodies cease to operate. We've thus created this binary situation of life and death based solely upon speculation or religious beliefs. Here I pose some questions: What if "life" exists in cycles? Or perhaps not in cycles, but rather as a non-linear journey of some sort? What if there are other forms of existence outside of humanity and our spirit travels through each phase until we reach some climactic revelation? Who are we to define what we do not know? Perhaps our mind is what actually leaves the body and we spend the rest of eternity learning about...about our own faults, glories, capabilities, pleasures...or perhaps there is really only Heaven and Hell. Or perhaps there is only Heaven. And then what about atheists? What if there is nothing? What if we "live", die, and return to the dust, only lingering on in memories and historical contributions? What if we becomes the stars? What if each star in the sky is a human soul burning with passion in the cosmos...

Similarly, who are we to say there are not other universes and other rulers of those universes? I believe in a Creator (and don't really care if you do). I believe in the Creator many people call God. I believe he has complete power over this universe. What if there are more? It would not contradict what he says about being the only god if he is the only god of our universe. But what if there are more universes with more gods and other creatures and beings we know nothing of? Wouldn't that be fantastic?! If the fabric of our existence was equivalent to that of a worm, would we even know? Does the worm look up and say, "My, what gods they are. How wonderful and intelligent!" Of course, I've not the mind of a worm, but I have high doubts that they even realize what a human being is or what we're capable of. What if we're the worms?

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