Monday, May 14, 2012

Out In The Woods

I sat underneath the shadows of forest limbs, my back against the strong body of a tree. I just sat, staring at the brilliant rainbow music notes flying through the air rustling the leaves. I listened to the stars. And sat. The night air was cool, and I was dressed in warm overalls and a long-sleeved shirt. I'd wrapped a bandanna around my head, just to help with the mood. Though it proved useful in warming my ears as the night went cool.

I'd spent minutes, maybe hours, trying to figure out a way to teleport myself from my seat under the tree to the opening at the entrance of the woods. So far I'd not been able to conquer that talent, but I was determined. As I sat thinking, I heard underbrush moving and ground leaves crush beneath the feet or paws of some creature. My curiosity skyrocketed and left no room for fear. My eyes became hawk-like, narrowing in and focusing on the forest floor beside me. A moment later I saw the thing come into view. It was a rabbit. I was not disappointed that I'd not witnessed the night activity of Big Foot or the Boogie Man, no, I was enthralled. This wild animal actually approached me. I still had teleportation on my mind, but now my thoughts enveloped both subjects as I stared in absolute amazement at the furry little thing beside me. I could have reached out my arm and touched it had I been more agile and the rabbit more non-agile. Damn rabbits. I just watched it, thanking the Creator of such a creature for allowing me such close proximity with the creation. He eventually bounded away into the night and left me to my scientific endeavors. I wished him back, but not everything we thank the Creator for comes around twice.

I looked at the clovers around me. Tiny, green, hell, they were orange and blue for all I could discern. But beautiful. As time passed, I regained my whereabouts and gathered my items- a backpack, a box, and a jacket. The woods were consumed by the nighttime darkness, but I knew the paths well enough to stumble out into the field. I did so, and found myself at the entrance of the woods. I looked over my shoulder at where I'd come from, smiled, and began to laugh aloud. I conquered teleportation.

It would not just be an understatement to say that the moon was full that night. It would be an injustice to the thing itself. The moon shone gloriously between the trees, big as a softball in front of my face. I could see each crater, each shadow, each footprint of a living being that had walked on its surface. I wandered out to the middle of the field where the moon was in plain full view and stood there for over an hour. I looked at the round shining object and conjured theories about how it flew around the planet I was standing on. Did it make four rotations in a day? Did it orbit like the hands on a clock? I stood long enough that I eventually realized I had misplaced my horizon and had miscalculated the moon's shot. I was still coming down.

It was a memorable night for me. No one there to bother my thoughts. Only the moon and me. And the rainbow notes of music that floated through the trees. I've no idea where they came from. But I was glad of their company as opposed to mumbling humans. Earth has so much to offer those who listen and commune with it.

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