Thursday, December 19, 2013

November 12, 2013

The plans I have for my life are not philanthropic. I am not involving myself in charitable organizations or ministries. I have no desire to work for the benefit of other people. What are these people to me? I often wonder if the plans I’ve made for myself – hiking, traveling, writing – if they are selfish. I will not leave behind a legacy of human progression or betterment. But I consider this: what I do, I do for the belief in my soul that I can live apart from the commodities of modern civilization; that I can traverse the ground beneath me without the pleasures of wealth; that I can live as human being, created from the earth for the earth, separate from the entities of career, societal purpose, or monetary pursuit. I want to enjoy life – not to be exempt from its hardships or laborious tasks, but to enjoy being. Free from cultural restraints, though understanding and appreciating the purpose of culture. I will work when I need to work, travel when I want to travel, live as a creature in the woods, though I will not always be in the woods. And in doing all these things, perhaps I will inspire others to find what I find, even as it is yet unknown to me. That will be the great adventure.

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