Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The "Real" World?

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Myspace. Google+.

Those are just the big names.

Then you have the markets.

Amazon. eBay.

No one's leaving out entertainment.

iPad. iPhone. Laptops. Gaming devices. Apps.


Email. GPS.

Where does the real world disappear into the digital world? Or is it a beautifully constructed collision we are insensitive to? What will happen to our society when technology fails on a grand scale? When the lights go out and the numbers stop crunching?

We've engineered our race to become technologically dependent beings. Children are not fascinated with touch screen devices, but rather expect them. Even basic technology that was indeed at one time groundbreaking is now foreign to the new generations. As we are progressing through time, so is our digital mindset.

If we do not pace ourselves...if we do not carefully maintain in our lives a sense of the real, the tangible...I predict we will become so absolutely consumed by the digital world in which we are choosing to live that if any event occurs which thrusts us back into the type of world we were born into, we will either not survive, or we will go mad, in whatever sense of the word suits.

...and here I am typing my thoughts onto a screen, with no physical trace of the language anywhere...zeroes and ones, zeroes and ones...

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