Friday, December 28, 2012

Fading back into the dream where I woke second in life after living
Thinking the fences of socialism in the simplest sense would save me
But the nature of the mind never rests
And so I live with the thoughts of the former
And the former is in me
No religion can alter the soul
Even if the soul is saved
And no man can love something so entirely unique from him
God envies the mortal heart
And saves it in his deity

I am no more finished with this strife than I am breathing
And yet
The meaningless cannot comprehend what they are
But they feel it

The shackles of cognition impair the soul
Inexorable time
Impairs the soul

I never dreamed about what kind of days mine would be
Broken people live broken lives
And we are increased in sustenance for it
We persevere in our helpless state
And thus my thoughts turn from depression to hope
And thus I caution myself
Keep forward
Keep straight
Keep cold and unfeeling

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