Monday, July 23, 2012

Thoughts From the Lawn Mower (2)

God is hiding something very important from us, I think.

How would it be possible for God to create something that He did not already know about, and yet design it so perfectly that the intricate details of its makeup cannot even be replicated by humans? I'm thinking the words not likely. So where then does hatred, jealousy, triviality, deceit, etc. come from? I then thought, well it comes from the Enemy. But...if one trusts in the Bible, he or she would believe it to be true that the Enemy was actually cast out from Heaven. Well, what then caused such vile things to enter Heaven? Who was the original authority of the Evil in that time (or un-time, or something) when Satan became proud?

Then I thought, what if God knew of such things as hatred and deceit because of some existence prior to His?

If God is sovereign, did He actually orchestrate all of the evil Himself? But then He claims to be good...and I think He is...but the whirlwind that seems to be my life right now is making it difficult to discern anything. Then again, I've been questioning my judgement for a few weeks now. My judgement of character, at least. So how can I really judge God's character to know if He is good...fuck it. I should probably finish mowing the other half of the yard now.

What if God's lonely? If I were the only human in existence, I'd feel pretty sucky. Maybe that's one human emotion that God knew how to create because He feels it Himself.

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