Monday, July 2, 2012

Off to the airport...

Tomorrow morning, the 3rd, I'll be loading suitcases into the car and puttering off to the airport. I'm spending a week in South Carolina with some good friends of mine up in the mountains. They live in a small home in the middle of the woods, and Karen, the mother, is very much like me. She's in several ways a hippie, living among the trees, collecting acorns and leaves for crafting, making pottery in a modest shed out back. She's also a thinker, though, as with myself, I can't quite depict the actual thoughts of a thinker. It's more like a painting of concepts running through the mind, twenty at once.

That to say, upcoming posts through July 10th may be sparse. I'm not sure what the internet connection is like there, since our previous visits have been too brief for bringing things such as laptops and iPads. And quite frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. I'll be too long outside in the woods or in the shed learning to make clay jars and mugs that I don't really foresee myself spending much time with the apples. However, I grant that if the internet connection is reliable, I may actually be able to update a bit on the trip, and with any other thoughts I have, as usual. If so, it will be late at night when I do. I just wanted to give you all a notice about the coming week if I fail to post.

I'm so excited for my time in Carolina! Oh my sweet Carolina. (Shall be listening to that song as I fly.)

Hope to be back on soon! For now, it's back to washing some old clothes and digging out suitcases!


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