Monday, July 9, 2012

lost in the water
in the sea,
in the river
pulled with the current
drowning down under
spinning and looking and thrashing and kicking
but closed in the view
of the whirlpool above you
the boats are all gone
the people abandoned
you're down and you're drowning and the fish are all watching
compassionless ocean
saves no discretion
no bias, no judgement
but only the current
die if you do
it's the fate of the ocean
your life is consumed
in the water's decision
and no one is there
no soul up above
only demons below
and the Depth is forbidden
so when do you calm
and accept suffocation
when do you die with the sunset's permission
no reason for worry
no reason for grace
no mercy, no substance, no Christ on the waves
and then you look down
in the darkening sea
and shut your eyes tight
and drift off in your dream.

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