Sunday, May 27, 2012

Under the cloud of medication
And the memories of where my mind has been
I sometimes forget
How extraordinary life is.

In moments of regret
When the churning waves in my brain subside
And I need something more to compensate
And to help heal pieces of my mind
I feel guilt
I feel insufficient for my life.

But on days like this
When the sun shines and my family is dear
When we have good times
And when the wind blows my hair just how I like
I remember that the things my mind needs
Are not a necessity.

Still, I wonder,
How much of this is real?
How much of this feeling did I authenticate
In the bowers of the bone cage round my brain
Am I really okay?
Is life really this simple?
And I struggle to differentiate
Between falsehood and reality.

But does it even matter,
If perception is real,
Whether we live a false bliss
Or grip the tethers of how we feel?

Today has as much beauty as the last
Today has as much divinity in its existence
Today will tomorrow be the past
Today is the future we wished for without hesitance.

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