Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Thought On Supremacy

Why do people make such efforts to generalize supremacy? There is always someone better skilled than you, someone with more authority than you, someone greater. Why? When did we create that construct? At some point, supremacy must level off at some pinnacle, or there can be no such thing as supremacy. Without a pinnacle point, it does not exist. Similarly, if no one is ever the greatest, then there can be no one who is the lowest. It must be a never-ending cycle and can therefore not have a beginning (bottom) or an end (top). Yet the function of supremacy did begin somewhere and must therefore not be a cycle, but rather a pyramid, with a wider, more generalized lower portion and a more narrow, elite top portion. What then is the purpose of supremacy? Why is it an instinctive recognition among people? Why do we instinctively classify ourselves?

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