Sunday, May 27, 2012

Some Forgotten Insight...again

Once again, I woke up this morning and found these questions and ideas written on my notepad. Have fun with it.

Jesus is true. The world just fucked Him up.

I believe in Jesus. But damn, I am not like these people. But I love Jesus.

Damn beautiful stars...gospel fucking stars. Life. Shining. Beautiful stars. Crowns of Heaven. Stars in the universe.

My hands are cold, my words are warm; where can you touch me?

Karma, babe. I just hiccuped and lost the period. It popped up later. period.

I can alter the universe.

I can pull off anything.


Roller coaster tips the wave and glides away.

I am on fire.

Where did you come from? In birth or life, in a gift wrapped with lace or middle-aged in death? I want to know these things?

Cave in the ice. Crave the ice that hangs freely where it falls.

I am holding my mind on trial.

There is a divide between words and thought. I wish I could mend it beautifully.

Tango till we're sore...

I am made of nectro eluerons. Get at me.

I love you all. You.

Paradise will fall, and we will be down with hell, but later capitalized into our proper cases.

And I swallow the silk of the stars, blazing into light years of grace.

Walking through life sucks. Run while your knees are fuckin' young! =D

That was a good positive one, eh? =) Much love, my dear.

Spiraling stairs of tangerines must be fun.....I swear in my head that rhymes.

There are always lights left on for me, lights to guide my body home, lights to keep me warm, death and life lights. Night lights...Yep, in the hallway outside my door. We're good.

I am sparrow. Don't mock me. Like a bird. Di'j'ya catch what I did there?

If the stars live for an eternity but burn out, then is eternity an everlasting cycle of no rebirths?

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