Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I feel
I feel
I feel.

I feel like shedding more tears for humanity
Than for the crimes against the earth

I feel
I feel
Dammit, I feel so deeply.

I feel like bursting out of thin pockets
Rolling in a puddle of rain ripples
Just to know I can still feel cold

I hear.

I hear the voice of angels in unison
Telling me to wrestle with imagination
But there are no angels on earth

Dammit I feel.
I feel
I feel

I feel a welling up inside
Eighteen years of ordinary life
Coming forward now to defy the ordinary
And fuck the world with love and a gentle wind
So gentle

I feel for you.
I feel for an absence of life.
I feel for the birth of life.
I feel for the death of life.
I feel for life itself and every piece of extravagant sunlight.

I feel everything at once
Except home.

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