Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fairness and Fate

Let me tell you, Love, not all things are fair. It is not fair that children should go hungry simply because there is no food. It is not fair that deceitful conniving people often rise above the honest and compassionate in society. It is not fair that lovers should be denied or condemned for their sexual preference, their age difference, or their previous bonds. No, not everything seems quite fair. But where must fate factor into these things?

Experience is the result of some plan, some destiny, I think. Could a universe so grand and so beautifully coordinated not have a design? I think fate is the entity that directs lives into a particular heading and motion. God, perhaps. Atoms with divine power and purpose. So why the hunger, why the social constructs, why the restrictions of love? I have to believe there is reason for those unfair situations. And reason applied to experience gives way to hope and optimism. 

Some might call this the principle of oppression, where those oppressed are legions more grateful for their freedom, once it is received. Similar to the idea that without sin, there would be no grace. Now, that raises the argument, is sin a good thing? Well I'm not here to debate that. But the idea can be applied to the principle of oppression. Is oppression a good thing if in the end the oppressed can give genuine thanks for their food, their accomplishments, their relationships? Hell, I can't answer that. Should we return to slavery in order to raise up a new generation of emancipated people who will cherish their freedom and change history?

Rather than dwelling on the cycle that the principle creates, let us return to the beauty of fate. Reason. Hope.

Even though I am not always treated fairly...Even though those whom I love are not treated fairly...Even though there are millions of people in the world tonight who are not treated fairly...I have hope that life goes on with a unifying momentum. An incomprehensible cohesiveness.

Take courage, Love. We live together. We experience the world together. We may not be acquainted, but we are humans, and we have come through centuries together. Fate cannot be oppressed, even when we are.

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